How to Write an Inviting Airbnb Host Profile [Examples Included]

Last Updated: 21 September 2022

When it comes to Airbnb SEO, one of the most overlooked ranking factors is the host profile. A good Airbnb profile is crucial to your success as a host. After all, you’ll be meeting new people that don’t know you. To make potential guests feel safe, follow our tips and check out the Airbnb profile examples we’ve put together.

High-quality photos, lots of 5-star Airbnb reviews, and a property that looks like it could be from a fairy tale: if your Airbnb listing checks these boxes, you’d think you’re done with your Airbnb listing optimization—not quiet!

To become successful as a host, you also need to spend some time to update your profile, get verified by Airbnb, and complete a variety of tasks related to your profile description.

Let’s take a look at a few examples to help you create the best Airbnb profile, paving your way to success as a host.

Upload a charming profile picture

A study by Association for Psychological Science (APS) reveals that profile pictures have a great influence over someone’s first impression. To create the perfect profile photo:

  • smile with teeth
  • keep your eyes unobstructed
  • wear light colored button-downs
  • create a defied jawline
  • make the composition asymmetrical

When you take a photo, ensure that the picture is clear, and the background bright. The higher resolution the image, the easier it is to make further adjustments later (in apps such as Photoshop). While you don’t need to hire a professional photographer, try to take a variety of pictures with the best device you have, either a camera, or a modern smartphone with a portrait mode.

Once you’ve completed your touch-ups, run the final profile picture through photofeeler. The image will be scored by real humans as well as artificial intelligence.

Write a bio guests can relate to

Besides the profile image, what else defines a great Airbnb profile? The host description, of course.

Anyone looking to book your place will visit your profile to find out if you’re a real person, easy going, love meeting new people, and other things that help them connect with you.

To write an Airbnb profile description that potential guests can relate to, keep the following tips in mind:

  • mention if you’re a full-time Airbnb host, as that is a major trust factor for many travelers
  • talk a bit about yourself, your hobbies, where you are from, and your occupation
  • detail why you’ve decided to become a host, and how you interact with guests (if at all)
  • if you like to travel, list all the countries you’ve visited during your adventures

The entire description should be written in a laid-back, conversational tone as if you’d talk with a friend—unless you’re exclusively targeting business visitors. In most other cases, especially if you host guests and share spaces, you should make travelers want to stay with you. Be creative, add something unique to your description, but leave out the sarcasm!

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Complete your profile verification

You’ve almost created the perfect Airbnb profile—just one more item on your list: to verify your profile. Luckily, this process is pretty easy thanks to automations on Airbnb’s end.

Log into your account and choose from multiple options to verify your identity. For instance, you can upload a driver’s license or national identity card, and verify your email address as well as phone number. Those running a company might have to upload additional documentation, especially if multiple business owners are involved.

The more verification methods you’re going through, the more show up on your host profile. Airbnb will mention that your identity has been verified, as well as that the email address and phone number have been confirmed.

Airbnb host profile description examples

Now that you know how to create the perfect Airbnb host profile, let’s look at a few accounts that have done everything well. Below are a few sample profiles we’ve picked out to inspire you. All profiles contain real descriptions, but we’ve anonymized the host’s profile picture and name.

1) Lisa & Maarten

Airbnb host profile example Lisa & Maarten
Airbnb host profile example Lisa & Maarten

In our list of the best Airbnb host profiles, we’re starting off with this charming profile that belongs to a father and his daughter. It mentions the listing’s history, how the daughter grew up there, and the father is still living in the apartment. Also mentioned are the occupation of both hosts so that guests can better connect with them. If you love art, you’d sure connect well with the father!

2) Erik & Keshia

Airbnb host profile example Erik & Keshia
Airbnb host profile example Erik & Keshia

Another Airbnb host profile example that features a couple—with good reason, though. They’ve nailed their profile description and wrote right away that they love the outdoors. Erik and Keshia have even integrated a bit of backstory about themselves, and they seem very easy-going. After all, they are inviting you to ask them anything you’d like to know about them!

3) Debra

Airbnb host profile example Debra
Airbnb host profile example Debra

Our last profile example is a lovely host who expresses their love for traveling. Debra cannot wait to host fellow world explorers, and tries to meet and greet each one, as long as her day job permits it. A great description that sets expectations and feels friendly.


A complete Airbnb profile not only helps secure more bookings, it also improves the guest experience. They’ll know exactly what to expect from you when they hit the book button, so there are fewer chances of not connecting with you as a host.

Let guests know what to expect when they stay at your place, and avoid any awkward situations by verifying your Airbnb account, and providing an accurate description about yourself.

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