How to Write the Best Airbnb Listing Description (With Examples)

Last Updated: 19 September 2022

Every day, hundres of new listings go live on Airbnb. What makes yours stand apart? Most hosts try to impress potential guests with professional photos, others have fine-tuned their listing description. In any case, research has proven that a photo in combination with a strong description increases your chances of getting booked.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the following topics:

  • what attracts people to your Airbnb
  • how an Airbnb listing is structured
  • what you should write on your Airbnb description
  • how many words are allowed in an Airbnb description
  • how many characters you can use in an Airbnb title
  • if you can use emoji in your Airbnb listing

And lastly, we look at a few Airbnb description examples, analyze them, and let them inspire us.

The importance of Airbnb listing descriptions

A professionally written Airbnb listing description helps you secure bookings and manage your guest’s expectations. After all, you want them to book the place of their dreams, and not be surprised after check-in if something is not what they’d imagined. That way, there’s a low chance you’ll receive negative reviews.

Another reason why an appealing description is important is that it reduces friction. If you’re able to answer questions potential guests might have with your description, there’s no need for them to send you a message.

That being said, too detailed descriptions might turn potential guests away. They want to be able to easily scan your text for keywords. The trick is to write the right amount of words without leaving out the most important and attractive parts of your property.

Basic structure of an Airbnb listing

Airbnb allows you to split your listing description into four sections to make it easier to digest.

  • Description: Include the unique selling point of your listing and show potential guests what to expect. Keep in mind that there’s a limit of 500 characters, so about 70–120 words.
  • The space: Go into detail and tell a story about your listing. You can write room-by-room descriptions, mention your best amenities, checkin details, and more.
  • Guest access: Tell your guests what they’ll have access and what to expect during their stay. Give them details about parking or tell them if your apartment is on a high floor without a lift.
  • Other things to note: Anything that you didn’t mention before can be saved in the notes section, for instance additional fees,.

That being said, how many hosts use all four sections Airbnb provides? As it turns out, most fill out the description, but not everyone pays attention to the other three.

After analyzing 494,967 listings around the globe with data provided by Inside Airbnb, here’s what we’ve found.

  • 99.9% filled out the description
  • 70.1% filled out the space section
  • 54.2% filled out the guest access section
  • 39.9% filled out the other things to note section

Unsurprisingly, almost everyone is using the description section. The space section is already relatively popular as it allows you to write a rather long description, while some Airbnb hosts don’t use the guest access or other things to note part.

How to write a good Airbnb description

Let’s start with an attention-grabbing Airbnb title. As you might be aware, Airbnb made a change to the listing title length. Before the change, they allowed up to 50 characters. However, Airbnb believes that many people book on mobile devices these days, and has implemented a 32-character limit for listing titles.

How to write a good Airbnb description
How to write a good Airbnb description

Airbnb still allows you to use 50 characters, but anything after 32 characters might be cut off, so put the important part first.

Since the search results page already shows the city or total number of beds, you should focus on more important aspects to hook your target audience.

To give you an idea, here are a few examples:

“Quiet studio near private beach”

And the full 50-character description:

“Quiet studio near private beach/work-friendly desk”

Those looking for a quiet studio apartment and beach access will click to see more, and discover that this lovely apartment has a work-friendly desk.

If you do offer a work-friendly environment, make sure to highlight it everywhere in your description:

  • mention your internet speed and verify it via the Airbnb app
  • upload a picture of the dedicated workspace
  • detail that the workspace is in a quiet room

Good to know: Airbnb’s policy is not to use special characters or emoji in listing titles.

Now, let’s look at a few more tips to write a listing description that converts.

Provide details about amenities

What are amenities you offer that set your listing apart? To find out, let’s look at more data from Inside Airbnb (presented by opendatasoft).

Here are the top 20 most offered amenities worldwide:

  1. Wireless Internet
  2. Kitchen
  3. Heating
  4. Essentials
  5. Washer
  6. TV
  7. Internet
  8. Shampoo
  9. Hangers
  10. Smoke detector
  11. Iron
  12. Family/kid friendly
  13. Hair dryer
  14. Laptop friendly workspace
  15. Dryer
  16. Air conditioning
  17. Carbon monoxide detector
  18. Elevator in building
  19. Cable TV
  20. First aid kit

Highlighting those might not lead to the best results as your competition will have them as well. In a country such as Australia, air conditioning is simply expected.

In such a case, analyze the competition and try to find rare amenities. For instance, in some cities, washing machines are not widely available, so guests have to visit a nearby laundromat. If you happen to have a washing machine, make sure to highlight it!

Another great amenity could be outdoor space in a crowded city. Make sure to highlight it in your description for your Airbnb listing.

Write for your target guests

If you want to get more bookings on Airbnb, you should write for your target audience. Ideally, you know exactly who might be interested in your property, and know therefore what they’re looking for.

Families might want to easily visit nearby attractions; couples could be interested in a romantic getaway to experience amazing hours with their soulmate; those looking to escape the cold weather want to jump into your swimming pool to cool off.

The combination of knowing your potential guests and cool features that set your listing apart allows you to write captivating descriptions. For instance:

  • If there is an attraction within walking distance of your property and you target families, highlight the proximity to attractions. Families are often on a tight budget and cannot spend a lot of money on transportation.
  • Couples looking to explore a brand new city might want to know that it’s only a short drive from downtown to your Airbnb. They can explore the inner city and easily get back to rest.
  • Is your city home to some of the best coffee shops on this planet? Sell your guests the dream of waking up to the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans every morning.
  • Are you mainly targeting businesses who host corporate events? Help event planners find the perfect Airbnb by mentioning that you are happy to host their business-related activities.

Use a fitting tone

Lastly, write your Airbnb description in a tone that your guests would expect from your vacation rental. For a family-friendly home, keep it casual and highlight nearby play areas, and mention if you provide board games.

For an elegant city apartment, you might want to use a more sophisticated tone, detailing the luxury aspect. Those who are interested in these vacation rentals want to know that they are getting to stay in a one-of-a-kind property.

In any case, don’t overuse passive voice as it sounds very rigid and boring. Also, don’t just list your amenities as if you were checking off a todo list. Your amenities are listed in a separate section that potential guests can look at. Highlight one or two amenities that set your property apart.

If you’re just getting started with your Airbnb and you’re looking to get your first booking, you can have a look at the competition. Use tools such as AirDNA or AllTheRooms to get a better idea of the competition, or check Inside Airbnb if your city is listed on their website.

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5 Airbnb description examples to inspire you

To round this blog post up, we’ve searched Airbnb for properties to showcase their descriptions as examples.

Airbnb cabin description

Airbnb cabin description example
Airbnb cabin description example

Maja's Hideaway, deep in private fairytale woods

Maja's Hideaway is set deep in our large private forest.
Handmade out of many reclaimed materials by Jaap, and personally designed to blend into the glorious high trees by Lucinda, with 10.5m metres of glass so you can watch the animals pass by from the sofa. The terrace is a morning sun trap for a great yoga and meditation session followed by breakfast to the birdsong chorus. Perfect for a couple (plus baby in cot) or 2 friends. Time for a nature fix with all the comforts you wish for?

What we love about this description:

  • it tells potential guests exactly what to expect
  • the host mentions that the property is in a private forest
  • the target audience (couples or 2 friends) is mentioned
  • tells a story of what to expect when you wake up every morning

Airbnb villa description

Airbnb villa description example
Airbnb villa description example

Countryside in Paris...

An Architect-Designed on the Banks of the Seine.
This remarkable floating home is located on an arm of the Seine, just to the west of Paris. Designed by a local architect, with two levels, double-height windows and large decks designed to make the most of its enviable location.
You'll find it in Neuilly-sur-Seine, one of the most salubrious and artistic neighborhoods in France. Anaïs Nin was born here, Édith Piaf lived here, plus countless painters from Kandinsky to Monet.

What we love about this description:

  • explains that this floating home was designed by an architect
  • details that it’s located in one France’s most famous neighborhoods
  • mentions French celebrities that have been or lived here
  • without mentioning a target group, it’s clear that it’s for someone looking for a unique experience

Airbnb townhouse description

Airbnb townhouse description example
Airbnb townhouse description example

History meets modernity - half-timbered house Bacharach

Modern design meets history.
The listed house is surrounded by vineyards in the Steeg district directly below the Stahleck castle. This unique place has a style all its own: ecological materials such as clay and wood give the house a unique flair and an unbeatable indoor climate.
The half-timbered house, built in 1622, is modernly furnished. A wood and pellet stove ensures a special evening feel-good atmosphere.

What we love about this description:

  • makes it clear that the historical building has been beautifully designed on the inside
  • mentions vineyards to attract wine lovers as a target group
  • suggests that a visit during autumn or winter could result in a cozy atmosphere thanks to the stove

Airbnb apartment description

Airbnb apartment description example
Airbnb apartment description example

Enjoy Eiffel Tower Sparkle in Grand Style!

• Spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower
• Ideal Left-Bank location with easy access to the best of Paris
• Managed with the attentiveness of a 5 star hotel
• Air-conditioned! (Rare in Paris!)
• Renovated to a high standard
• Modern, well-appointed kitchen & bathrooms
• Sofa in the study converts into a queen bed which make the apartment perfect for 5 people
• No children between the ages of 2 and 13

What we love about this description:

  • clearly mentions that it sleeps up to 5 people, but is not suited for children
  • suggests that air-conditioning is available and a rarity in Paris
  • gives potential guests a piece of mind by comparing the service to that of a 5-star hotel
  • notes the Left Bank location which is popular with tourists

Airbnb house description

Airbnb house description example
Airbnb house description example

The Garden House in Impington, Cambridge

The Garden House is a brand new, single level, contemporary-style house. It has 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and fully equipped kitchen/living room. Bifold doors open onto the patio area and garden.

The house sits in its own private garden and has parking for 2 cars. There is also an outbuilding (with tumble dryer and ironing facilities).

The house is a calm oasis but only a few minutes from Cambridge and the Science Park.

What we love about this description:

  • mentions in a single sentence its style, that it’s new, and on one level
  • suggests that it’s private and can park two cars, so great for bigger groups
  • easy access to the nearby town and highlight is detailed
  • refers to an important amenity (washer & dryer)

Closing thoughts

As the Airbnb description examples have shown, it makes all the difference if you’ve taken the time to make your description the best it can be. Airbnb users want to be able to imagine right away what a stay at your place might be like. The better you can help them visualize it, the higher the chance they’ll book your place. If you need help with your listing description, we at BnBmagician can write an Airbnb description that converts.

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